Means Assemblies Cost Data Helping Apply UNIFORMAT II

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Means Assemblies Cost Data manuals support the ASTM UNIFORMAT Standard E1557. It provides for a common point of agreement on costing for all project stakeholders.

UNIFORMAT II elemental estimates facilitate design cost analysis and monitoring of costs from the programming phase through the completion of construction documents.


In addition, at the schematic design stage, elemental estimates are linked directly to the PPD, since both are structured according to UNIFORMAT II. Organizing cost information at the schematic design stage with the same elemental designators used for the PPD is a relatively recent and innovative approach that yields several benefits for building project stakeholders.

Means Assemblies Cost Data


The ASTM E1557 "Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework - UNIFORMAT II" provides a common structure linking the building program, specifications, and estimates.

Its integration in the design process results in improved communications and coordination among all project participants, an accelerated design, and significantly increased productivity.

The classification provides the Project Manager with an essential tool to control project scope, cost, time and quality.