Pulling it All Together - Projects Modelled with UII

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Pulling it All Together
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 Projects (Programs) to be modelled with available UNIFORMAT II (UII) Classifications

By deliberately setting out to be ‘modular’ UII elemental classifications permit all sizes, combinations and complexities of projects and programs to be presented, using only those UII classifications that are needed. The inclusion of redundant entities is eliminated.

Single entity projects require little in the way of summary beyond that inherent in the UII technique.

Projects comprising several common entities (i.e. similar, as for example including several buildings) , and those of many different entities too, require a consistent approach to summation. Client needs will dictate the appropriate levels of summary and entity aggregation required, although this will tempered by the analyst’s recommendations based on their professional experience. This summation arrangement, once agreed, should be continued throughout the cost planning, cost control and cost analysis processes.

Simply put, each entity will be presented using the appropriate format as set out in ASTM’s Standard E2514 Practice for Presentation Format of Elemental Cost Estimates, Summaries, and Analyses. Then, the final total from each entity presentation is added into a separate grand summary whose Grand Total will report the full construction cost that is to be included in the overall project cost summary. ASTM’s Standard E2620 Classification for Project and Program Estimate Summaries refers to this and broadly indicates the many additional items of work and activity that make up a full project or program.