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This site is owned and maintained by Robert Charette and Anthony Huxley with the on-going support of many other interested individuals.



These are lofty goals, and while achieving them will certainly not be easy, we feel that it is important enough to try.

The UNIFORMAT II classification for construction elements and related sitework provides the Owner and Project Manager with an essential tool to control project scope, cost, time and quality. No wonder we are so enthusiastic about seeing it more widely used.

Huxley and Charette have collaborated for decades on the capital cost management, value engineering and life cycle costing aspects of construction projects. Both are active long-time members of ASTM committees developing standards for the construction industry.

In particular, for as long as the ASTM E1557 Classification of Building Elements and Related Sitework – UNIFORMAT II standard has been in publication, Huxley and Charette have worked together energetically and with unwavering commitment to maintain and advocate the UNIFORMAT II elemental classification. Through this site we seek to further promote the use of this standard, its associated standards, and the currently evolving extension of the UNIFORMAT II concept into the development of elemental classifications for heavy construction and civil engineering construction.


Being long time practitioners of elemental cost planning, cost control, and cost analysis, our intention, through the medium of this website, and other outreach initiatives too, is to broaden the knowledge-base surrounding this useful, valuable, and practical technique. Not only do we wish to encourage its wider use, but we also seek to provide a better understanding of just what UNIFORMAT II is, what it can achieve, and how it can best be used to advantage.